Galle comes alive with Jazz: An experience

Galle crowd event 1
Crowd relaxing to some jazz on the last day of the Fairway Galle Literary Festival

The Mercedes Benz Colombo Jazz Festival partnered with Fairway Galle Literary Festival and ended its four day event with an incredible line up of Sri Lankan and international artists, a pre-event before the main two day Jazz festival on the 18th and 19th of February.

The main square in the Galle fort came alive with the sultry sounds of jazz to a crowd of over a thousand festival goers from around the island, many braving the scorching midday sun that turned pleasantly cooler by afternoon as the crowds began to fill the square. The line up kicked off with Indian neo jazz and soul funk band the Beer Puppets whose set thrilled audiences as did Out of Time, with a mix of covers and originals.  Brown sugar followed with an electrifying set, finishing with an incredible set from Major – Minor who performed in English and in Zulu, Xhosa creating music that portrayed the beauty of South African culture. The thunderous applause that followed their set and cheers of encore saw them add three more songs to their finish.

The great food that Sugar Bistro is known for was represented with a delicious, sold out, pie and burger stand, the various indigenous musical styles, the wine and cider offerings, the red bull flair bartenders mocktails with king coconut and watermelon, the intergenerational groups, the cultural diversity and communal vibe added up to a singular atmosphere that embraced the essence of jazz.

Spa ceylon
Spa Ceylon tropical ware launch and ramp walk

The Spa Ceylon Tropical collection that formed part of the Colombo Jazz festivals pre event at the Fairway Galle Literary festival seemed to be about taking yourself out of urban life and putting your feet on the sand. The girls had sun- kissed complexions and summer pony tails were dressed in were the prettiest designs the beautiful flowing dresses with straps cascading across bare backs, rompers with their  ruffled shoulders and tops paired with shorts, falling off shoulders, some in muted tones of grey and white others in brighter shades, hues of pinks and purples  – speak for themselves. For all that the ethereal lightness of the pieces the elaborate designs, with Sri Lankan symbology referenced communicated, a new, relaxed, of-the-season relevance. For men the t- shirts and sarongs were infused with a beautiful visual intensity through colour and pattern. Paired with white shorts this was clever in showing how to integrate even the most extravagant piece into a wardrobe.

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