Brown sugar is a jazz collective that plays some of the most conversational, unorthodox & spontaneous music in Colombo. These brilliant musicians have refined what the jazz greats and others have laid out before them and given it a swanky neoteric sound.

Comprising of some seriously swag musicians who posses impeccable mastery on their respective instruments, this band has firmly established themselves to gather a steady following.

Ashane is a harmonic genius. His angular take on modern jazz, soul, funk on Piano is simply a delight to listen to. An abundance of soul comes through this guy’s performances..

On Vocals, Sheranga, a powerful, deep alto, is no stranger to the jazz scene both locally and internationally. Her execution and delivery with raw passion backed with her intriguing aura, keeps you mesmerised. With the help of her sultry vocal pipes, she will have you wrapped around her finger from the very first moment.

Ravin, is a prodigy on his instrument. This guy really takes his musical ideas to an entirely new level and pays homage to the history of the guitar.

Daniel, on drums, plays with a pointed rhythmic mastery and is one of the most intuitive and adaptable musicians in town.

On saxophone, Janith, is notoriously known for his butter rich beautiful, warm tone and sense of harmony.

And finally Shivy, the bassist, makes sure to lay down those grooves nice and strong and keep everybody on their feet.

These guys are the cool cats in town and their re-interpretation of jazz standards will most certainly leave you grooving with their bursts of musical genius.

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